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Today’s Tarot Card: The VI of Wands & The Crown of Hope

Today, I pulled from my Tarot deck the VI of Wands. In referring to my guide book, the words & phrases that stood out were: “victory triumphing,.. great news,… expectation crowned with its own desire, the crown of hope.” (SEE Pg. 186, The Pictorial Key to Tarot, A. E. Waite).

And how fitting this would be the card that I draw on this full day of my life as an artist. Specifically, as a dance artist based in DC area.

Because, you see, my journey has been wild, chaotic, even directionless for the past two years… after having the rug pulled out from under me in my business life. And, to say the least, this journey up to this point as been both heavily rewarding… and incredibly painful.

Now, I won’t bother you with all the details, but the bottom-line is this: I am released of my past trappings (at least somewhat 😜 ); and, as of today, I’ve committed my self to becoming the full-fledged, full-time dance artist & arts entrepreneur… to own my credentials, my background, my accomplishments, my experiences (for better & worse), to take this one home with dignity & pride.

Because, I have earned this crown and it is most definitely a crown of hope. And with that, I make my way back to my kingdom as a creator, soon to be the King of Wands.

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