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What is it, this curiosity d’jour?

Well, this is a term that came to me recently in a journal writing exercise. I love to wake up in the morning, inspired by the sunrise, to ponder “The Big Idea.”

My goal was to articulate a certain approach towards organizational design & growth strategy — one that was reflective of my values as a leader AND appropriate for the future of humanity. I was caught contemplating SpaceX (auf Deutsch, naturlich), Blockchain, and the existence of Aliens.

I wanted a term that appropriately captured the type of future-forward leadership needed in order to operate a space craft of both organic & inorganic beings, e.g. AI + Humans, etc., in multiple dimensions throughout space (& time).

My concern was framed by the challenges of “integration” I’d face within the business ecosystem I found myself in about 3 years ago. And, for those of you who know me, you know that my path is a non-traditional one. I intend to keep it #AnotherWay!

And so, I landed on this term: omnipreneurship.
*** NOTE: It started out as omniship, (omni+leadership) but I needed something that more fully expressed the importance of entrepreneurship too, which is critical in order to remain innovative.

For what it’s worth, here’s what Merriam-Webster had to say:

  • Omni-: all : universally omnidirectional
  • preneurship: from entrepreneur, one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks [and rewards] of a business or enterprise

Okay, so it boils down to this (my working definition): the ability to make dynamic, creative business decisions #ArtsMeetsBiz that have an influence on more than one initiative equally & simultaneously, for the benefit of ALL stakeholders (SEE Conscious Capitalism), in a single moment and through a single action (see p.s. below).

To put it another way: it’s being able to make a choice in one plane of existence, for the benefit of one cause, that will equally benefit the needs of another and the whole. It holistic and organic. It’s responsive. It can get really messy! And, it is about fueling limitless, potency within a thriving ecosystems. It’s like Richard Branson meets Jean-Luc Picard meets Alice in Wonderland. If your plate is too small, break the plate. In fact, break every dish in the house!

There’s a guy that’s written about it, sort of. His name is Amr Al-Dabbagh. His book, titled “Omnipreneurship: An Organized Approach to Living a Life of Meaning,” seems interesting. Haven’t read it (yet), but feel like it’s not the same as what I’m talking about. I’m seeking something more radical, more transformative, and more aligned with the desire to innovate without limitations, without boundaries, without competition.

And though I don’t condone the behavior, I can summarize the idea with a question that often plagues my mind as a CEO: how can you kill five birds with one stone?

Stay curious, people. Otherwise, you’ll be bored.
P.S. One of my mentors & a dear friend, Cynthia Greenawalt, suggested I watch Cloud Atlas. It relates. The clip above was perfect in highlighting a point.

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