5 words of wisdom from my 45 year old self.

The other day, I gave myself a journal writing prompt: “imagining yourself 10 years into the future and looking back to today, what advice would you give yourself?” Here is what I came up with: Do yoga. Everyday, on some level, even for just one minute. Meditate. Daily, and with focus. Listen. Connect to your […]

The Art of Breaking Dishes

What is it, this curiosity d’jour? Well, I’m excited to say that it’s about getting ready for a co-presentation w/ my fabulous friend, Cynthia Greenawalt. The title of our presentation is “The Art of Breaking Dishes: A Multi-Dimensional Approach Toward Launching Your Life’s Work.” Here’s what we’re hoping to cover: What is omnipreneurship? Well, I […]


What is it, this curiosity d’jour? Well, this is a term that came to me recently in a journal writing exercise. I love to wake up in the morning, inspired by the sunrise, to ponder “The Big Idea.” My goal was to articulate a certain approach towards organizational design & growth strategy — one that […]