5 words of wisdom from my 45 year old self.

The other day, I gave myself a journal writing prompt: “imagining yourself 10 years into the future and looking back to today, what advice would you give yourself?”

Here is what I came up with:

  1. Do yoga. Everyday, on some level, even for just one minute.
  2. Meditate. Daily, and with focus. Listen. Connect to your breathe. Release any unnecessary tension.
  3. ART. Make it. Engage in the creative process. Use your skills to create something new. Craft.
  4. LOVE. Everyone. All things, unconditionally. Find the joy of loving others and practice compassion.
  5. LEARN. As much as you can, in the span of your life. Focus on learning to be a great human being, learn a craft, or two, and many languages. Learn to take care of yourself and others. Be kind & gentle, and open-minded. Learn to let go of grudges and stop living in the past. And, keep going until you die.


I’d say that’s a worthy list to get behind. Let me know your thoughts? What advices would you give to yourself looking back ten years into the future?

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